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Introduction to the Facebook Advertising Platform

Everyone knows about Facebook (now called Meta), but have you ever thought of investing in Facebook ads to drive more business growth? If not, then now is the perfect time to do so. 

In the first quarter of 2021, more than 1 billion people leveraged the Facebook marketplace for buying and selling (source: Techjury). Facebook is a cost-effective platform for running ad campaigns while targeting potential buyers. 

But how can you optimize your ads in a way that maximizes sales and reduces the chances of ad spend loss? By partnering up with a Facebook ads consultant, you can take great advantage of this globally recognized social media network.

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Services I Offer as a Facebook Marketing Consultant

Facebook Advertising Strategy Audit

I will assess your current FB ads strategy and help you take your ads to the next level. By optimizing your Facebook ads, we will improve your conversion rates and decrease the risk of revenue loss.

Facebook Ads Campaign Management

As a Facebook marketing expert, I offer ad management services that are designed to help grow your business, generate leads, increase sales, and keep a close eye on actionable insights of your Facebook campaigns.

Facebook Ad Creation & Campaign Set-up

I will help you make seasoned Facebook ads and set up your campaign from scratch, so you can achieve your Facebook advertising goals and get the most out of your marketing efforts and ad performance in terms of ROI.

Why Go for Facebook Ads Consulting?

We always recommend that you use diversified marketing strategies to win at digital marketing. This means you should utilize different tools for getting your business in front of your target audience, including Facebook and Instagram ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn marketing, etc. 

Facebook is an awesome tool for expanding your brand’s sales, but only if you know what comprehensive marketing plan to follow and which best practices to use.

Here is how hiring a Facebook ads consultant can increase your sales with Facebook and open your business to new avenues of digital success:

An Expert Consultant, on Your Fingertips

With the right Facebook page consultant, you have ongoing support from an experienced professional right at your fingertips. This is extremely valuable if you are serious about getting the results you want using Facebook and reaching the right people on the platform.

Your consultant will answer any questions about Facebook that you may have and enable you to boost your campaign performance using proven techniques that would otherwise take you a lot of money, skill, time, and trial-and-error to learn.

Your Facebook ads strategist will study your analytics for you and help you set up new advertisements and tweak existing ones in a way that targets your desired audience and creates value for your business and buyers. An expert's invaluable advice will save your energy, time and funds in the long run.

In other words, your consultant will help you highlight your brand's strengths in front of your audience and figure out the flaws of your ad campaigns for better results by observing real data and how your previous campaigns have been performing.

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Everything You Need to Know About My
Working Process


Discovery Call Booking
Schedule a 1-on-1 convenient, brief discovery call to allow me to learn more about your digital brand.

Generating a Business Quote
Based on how much help your business needs, I will generate and provide you with a tailored quote.


Consultancy Meeting
Next, you will attend a consultancy e-session with me, where we’ll work on various aspects of your business.


Follow-up Sessions
You can book optional follow up sessions with me to discuss your Facebook ads progress on an ongoing basis.


Why Choose Me as Your Consultant?

Pricing Plans


Elevate Brand Image with a Consultant: Personalized Consultancy, 100% Team Engagement.

$ 25 / hour
  • Max 10 hours per week

    100% involvement of your team


Get a Facebook Ads Consultant. We manage your brand's complete marketing and image transformation, hassle-free.

$ TBD (upon a meet)
  • Facebook Advertising Specialist
  • Ad Campaign Manager
  • Creative Content Designer
  • Ad Copywriter
  • ROI Tracking Manager


Optimize with a Facebook Ads Consultant: Boost your marketing with expert support.

$ 45 / hour
  • Max 15 hours per week
  • Can Avail 2 Team Members & Personalized Facebook Ads Training

Get 1-on-1 Support from a Meta Marketing Expert from Any Part of the World

Get support from a Facebook ads mastermind and grow your return on investment with time!

Read Reviews from My Esteemed Clients

Muhammad Waseem MePlanet

Talha and his team are incredible. They have done delivered work on time, with consistency, and dedication. I really admire their professionalism through out the task.

Khadija Usman Entrepreneur

Great team to work with. Have great in depth technical understanding and good work ethics. Would definitely will like to work in future with them.

David Hirschfeld Upwork

Top stuff from talha really saved me. I was in a hurry to get this project done and he delivered with the utmost professionalism and high quality work. Exquisite stuff. Keep up the good work!

Romain Kouider Upwork

Great work done by Talha & his team with my startup. Recommended him as Virtual CTO for Startups.

Muhammad Hamza SEO Consultant

Highly Recommended ! Talha did a great job completing the site with their great skills. He went above and beyond in his customization and made sure that we were fully satisfied with everything.


The pricing of each of my sessions depends on the complexity of the problems that need to be solved for your brand. On average, I charge my clients somewhere around [$$] per hour to [$$] per hour.

A single online consultation session with me is around [minutes] to [minutes] long. The length can vary according to your needs.

My team and I use a personalized approach to budgeting that involves a comprehensive analysis of your business objectives, target audience, and industry benchmarks. We'll work closely with you to understand your goals and recommend a budget that aligns with your desired outcomes, hence ensuring efficient spending and optimal results.