Sell Like Crazy Even If You Are Just A Beginner!

Are you a person with a lot of knowledge regarding the technical aspects of your business but do not know how to market them to your customers to make sales? Do not worry! What I am about to tell you will make you a sales machine even if you are a complete beginner.

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Who Is This Consulting For?

Why Do Most People Get Sales Wrong?

The majority of people do not even know what they are doing wrong and continue to pour money down the drain with little to no effect.

Why Should Founders and Business Owners Know About Sales?

As a founder or business owner, you’re always on the lookout for that game-changing strategy, the key to unlocking unparalleled growth and success. What if we told you that the most powerful tool in your arsenal is something you might be overlooking? It’s Sales – the lifeblood of every successful business!

Sales = Survival & Success

In today's cutthroat market, your ability to sell effectively isn't just an asset; it's a necessity. Without sales, businesses don't just stagnate; they sink.

The Digital Age Demands Mastery in Sales

With the digital revolution, buying behaviors have evolved. If you're not up-to-date, you're leaving money on the table. Every. Single. Day.

Your Competitors Are Already Ahead

While you're contemplating, they're capitalizing. Sales expertise isn't just an advantage; it's the battleground where businesses are winning or losing.

You might be wondering Ok Talha you have told us all these things but what should we do now? Well, let me start by telling you about my journey.

Why Should You Believe A Single Word I Say?

Because I have been where you are today. When I started my agency in 2019, I was full of ambition and enthusiasm. A time when I thought that I had it all figured out. I had the best team one could have asked for and every resource needed to deliver a great product to the customers.
But one problem that plagued the rise of my agency was SALES!! They just were not enough. When I started my journey back in 2019 I thought having a great product would be enough but boy I was wrong, and I learnt it the hard way. Soon due to lack of funds I had to lay off my employees because I would not have been able to sustain them without any future business opportunity.
That day I decided that I would bounce back stronger than ever. I figured out my problem with my lack of funds (It was a lack of sales ‘duh’). I set out on a mission to find a solution to it. I spent a lot of sleepless nights and countless hours in my search. I was determined to fix this issue, and my search led me to this framework that I learned by talking to the sales leaders in my country.
From there on it became clear as daylight what I needed to do. I implemented the strategies I learned from the sales champions who had decades of experience backing their theories. Gradually, clients started rolling in and that started another marketing avenue for us known as “word-of-mouth marketing”.
Fast forward to today we have continued to use the same framework recurrently and it has put our sales process on almost autopilot. It is the elegance of this process that if executed rightly can generate an endless supply of clients for any business.

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Take the First Step

If you’re prepared for this commitment, let’s embark on this journey together.Talha Fakhar’s Sales Development Consultancy – Where Commitment Meets Success.

What Factors Are Involved In Formulation Of A Successful Sales Strategy?

Let me tell you about the framework that turned my life around and enabled my agency to perform sales on almost autopilot.

Understanding the Target Market

Deep insights into the target audience, including their needs, preferences, and pain points.

Effective Sales Techniques

Utilizing sales techniques that are most effective for the specific niche and market trends.

Leveraging Technology

Incorporating advanced tools and technologies like CRM systems, B2B tools (e.g., Octopus, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Bark, ZoomInfo, Crunchbase, BuiltWith), and digital marketing platforms.

Customized Approach

Tailoring strategies to fit the unique needs and goals of each business, ensuring a more personalized and effective approach.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation

Keeping up with the latest market trends and continuously adapting strategies to stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

Strong Online Presence

Building and maintaining a robust online presence on platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram for reputation management and brand visibility.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Utilizing data and analytics to inform strategy formulation and make informed decisions.

Training and Education

Providing comprehensive training and education to ensure the client's team is well-equipped to implement and sustain the strategies.

Scalability and Growth Focus

Focusing on strategies that not only address current sales challenges but also pave the way for future growth and scalability.

Why You Might Not Be Achieving Your Desired Sales Numbers: Key Areas to Revisit

Struggling to hit your sales targets can be frustrating, but often, the root causes can be traced back to fundamental aspects of your sales strategy. Let’s explore some critical areas that might be holding you back:

Sales Budget Planning

The Issue: Inadequate budget planning can lead to either overspending or underfunding in crucial areas, affecting your sales team’s ability to perform effectively.
The Solution: Reevaluate your budget allocation. Ensure that it aligns with your sales goals and provides enough resources for essential activities like marketing, training, and customer engagement.

Operating Model & Structure

The Issue: An inefficient operating model or organizational structure can lead to communication breakdowns, unclear roles, and hindered performance.
The Solution: Streamline your sales operations. Ensure clear communication channels and well-defined roles to enhance team efficiency and effectiveness.

Go-to-Market Strategy

The Issue: A misaligned go-to-market strategy can result in targeting the wrong audience or using ineffective channels, leading to poor sales outcomes.
The Solution: Reassess and realign your go-to-market strategy. Focus on understanding your target market deeply and choosing the right channels to reach them.

Value Proposition Canvas

The Issue: If your value proposition isn’t clear or compelling to your target audience, it can lead to a lack of interest and engagement.
The Solution: Refine your value proposition. Ensure it resonates with your audience’s needs and effectively communicates the unique benefits of your product or service.

Sales Process Designing

The Issue: An outdated or inefficient sales process can slow down your sales cycle and reduce conversion rates.
The Solution: Optimize your sales process. Focus on making it as efficient and customer-friendly as possible, utilizing the latest tools and techniques for maximum effectiveness.

How Can I Help You?

Now The Million-Dollar Question! How Much Investment Would You Need For My Consultancy

I have spent thousands of dollars to learn what I know today. Took lessons from the experts in the field and normally such a consultancy alone costs a lot more than what I am about to offer you.
The Total Value Of Such Consultancy (Minimum 30 hours) would amount

Value Proposition

Normally, a consultation of such value may cost you at a rate of $250 per hour. But as a new year present, we are offering Talha Fakhars Game Changing Sales Consultancy only for $55  $49 (Limited Time). And not only that
We are also offering consultancy on a phased basis. It means if you think you may need support in a specific module or if you are beyond a specific stage in your sales process then we can support you in the module that you need help with.

Phase 1: Refinement and Research

Phase 2: Education and Tool Utilization

Phase 3: Business Growth and Scaling

Custom Consultation

Wait There Is More

If you are not satisfied with our consultancy in the initial 2 hours we will provide you with 2 hours of free value-filled consultancy with no questions asked.

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Important Notice from Talha fakhar's Sales Development Consultancy

Before you dive deeper into the transformative world of Talha fakhar’s Sales Development Consultancy, there are a few crucial points we need to clarify:

No Earnings Guarantee:

Please understand that nothing on this webpage should be interpreted as any form of earnings guarantee or promise. Our consultancy is a comprehensive, personalized service dedicated to supporting you in achieving your sales goals through expert guidance and strategic planning.

Understanding the Nature of Our Consultancy

Real Effort, Real Commitment

The success stories and income screenshots showcased on this page are the results of exceptional dedication and hard work. These outcomes are not typical and are achieved by individuals who have shown true commitment to their sales journey.

No Magic Pills Here

Talha Fakhar’s consultancy is not a shortcut to wealth or a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme. It’s a professional service designed to help you grow and excel as a sales executive through your own effort and dedication.

Setting Realistic Expectations

The Power of Commitment

Success in sales, as in any field, requires hard work, commitment, and perseverance. Our consultancy is most effective for those who are ready to implement what they learn, stay resilient, and consistently put in the effort.

Who Is This For?

If you’re not prepared to embrace the challenges, work diligently, and persist through the ups and downs, Talha Fakhar’s Sales Development Consultancy might not be the right fit for you.
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