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CMO solutions
As the CMO of your organization, Talha Fakhar is responsible for brand awareness. Increase sales, revenue, customer acquisition, and client retention. Consequently, the CMO understands the customer’s requirements. Create and execute marketing strategies. Meanwhile, optimize marketing performance.
digital marketing solutions

Digital Marketing Solutions

We provide complete digital marketing solutions. We provide solutions to facilitate the online growth of your business. Our team specializes in strategy development. As well as creating content and maintaining websites, our team is skilled in social media strategy. Social media campaign development is our strong suit. We put marketing plans into action.

strategic marketing consultancy

Strategic Marketing Solutions

To help your business grow, we offer strategic marketing consulting. Building brands is a skill we excel at. Research on the market and target market segmentation. Our assistance extends to sales, marketing, and product strategy as well. We developed strategies for customer retention. So, the marketing budget is the basis for our performance analysis.

branding consultancy

Branding Consultancy

Our branding consultancy will benefit your company. Despite the fact that we help with brand creation, management, and strategy, we specialize in custom branding that follows guidelines. We connect the customer with the brand’s story.


Creative Design Consultancy

TF design consultancy helps you enhance the usability of your products and services. Our design team also possesses extensive user research expertise. According to user experience, we create user interfaces. We also provide support with service design and solutions for graphic design and strategic design.


CTO solutions
Talha Fakhar, as your organization’s CTO, leads and manages the IT staff. Thus, they get the resources. Especially the training and support they need to meet the company’s high-tech goals

WEBSITE Consultancy

Your website is the public face of your company. Therefore, you have to protect it with an SSL certificate. We specialize in building funnels that maximize conversion rates. And we also optimize website content in order to boost retention rates.


Technology Consultancy

Our IT staff augmentation and technology consulting services are available. We enhance the performance of your business through support, maintenance, cloud solutions, and cybersecurity. Also, the adoption of new technology.

Why does your business need IT business consultancy services?

The question is on your mind right now. Why do you need IT business consultancy services? For your business when you have highly qualified staff?

The company occasionally faces challenges due to inefficient resource utilization. The employees are first demotivated by the company’s challenges. Therefore, the business growth advisor serves as a consultant. Identifies the obstacles that prevent the organization from achieving its objectives. Create and propose an action plan. Streamline the following business operations:

Talha Fakhar is your company’s tech startup consultant. Therefore, it offers a comprehensive technical and marketing solution. Support your company’s marketing and high-tech activities. Ultimately, with the assistance of our marketing and technical strategies, your business will be able to acquire and retain more customers.

Business consulting solutions

The Benefits of Working With Talha Fakhar

Diverse business

TF has over five years of professional experience. Our customers belong to various industries. We excel in SaaS, Fintech, real estate, and rental leasing. Furthermore, we offer education and healthcare services. Other than information and communication. In the meantime, in retail, wholesale, and industrial trades as well as in the fashion industry.

The perfect combo of technical and marketing expertise

In order to operate a successful business, we recognize this. The optimal blend of technology and marketing is crucial. To execute marketing 4.0, high-tech knowledge is essential. Therefore, technical and marketing skills are essential for the company's promotion. Even while adopting innovative product and service solutions.

Team with extensive experience

Our team is responsible, with marketing and technical skills. Our team consists of brand managers, creative designers, and content marketers. The technical staff we have includes software engineers. Along with developers and UI/UX designers. We have digital marketing and SEO gurus on staff. We work hard to create and deliver value to our clients.


There's a saying that every minute in business is important. Because of this, we offer a free 15-minute consultation call during which we learn about your business.

  • Give recommendations for business strategies based on the goals and objectives of your business.
  • Make suggestions for how you can use your resources well.
  • We answer your question and share the quotation for our services.

Business consultants have expertise and knowledge. They may drive business growth through new ideas. Enhance business operations. Develop and execute strategies to achieve business objectives and goals. Assist the workforce in enhancing productivity and efficiency.

The charges for the consulting service are determined by considering the demands and requirements of the business. As well as the size, complexity, and length of the project.

The business consultant has extensive knowledge of how to convert obstacles into opportunities. Contribute to the business's implementation of new technologies and upgrades.

The tech-business consultant has both business and technology-related expertise and experience. In the current world, in order for a company to achieve its objectives. It needs consultants that understand the business. Furthermore, incorporate technology into its operations.

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