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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is crucial to the long-term visibility and success of your brand in all digital spaces. Regardless of what scale your business is currently operative at and the niche it belongs to; SEO is necessary if you want to attract your ideal customers to your brand. 

Did you know that only about 0.63% of the browsers on Google go beyond its page one (source: Ahrefs)? This means most of these browsers do not look past the first results page of Google. So, in order to market your brand effectively on the web, you need to perfect your SEO campaign, ideally with the help from an SEO expert. 

I, Talha Fakhar, am ready to help your business with multiple facets of SEO, from consultancy on keyword research to boosting the paid as well as the organic traffic for your company. I am an SEO specialist and have worked with various brands to improve their search engine results page (SERP) rankings numerous times.

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The SEO Services
I Offer to My Clients

I provide the following ecommerce SEO consulting and management solutions to all clients:

On-Page SEO Consultancy

With my on-page SEO consultancy service, you will be guided on how exactly you or your team can optimize various on-site elements of your business to bring in an increased traffic flow. These elements include your brand website's content, architectural sections, HTML, etc.

Off-Page SEO Consultancy

I will be your off-page SEO strategy consultant, and that means I will be assisting you and your firm's team with multiple factors relevant to off-site SEO, such as external link-building, SMM or Social Media Marketing, guest posting, video marketing, etc. for boosted digital traffic.

Technical SEO Consultancy

I am providing expert SEO consulting services to all businesses regarding technical SEO. There are many elements that come under technical SEO, including optimizing website speed, generating XML sitemaps, and ensuring the full security of your site, amongst a bunch of other factors.

Local SEO Consultancy

If you are searching for a way to be prominent on local result pages, then I am the consultant for you. I will help you reach your local SEO goals with my consulting knowledge and marketing experience. This service is particularly beneficial for those brands that primarily sell in their local markets.

SEO Auditing Services

Are you already implementing an SEO strategy for your business but not getting the results you want to see? You can easily hire an SEO consultant to solve your SEO related issues. I will go over your current strategy, help you fix what's wrong, and transform your overall SEO plan to digitally empower your business.

SEO Team Project Management/Consultancy

Want assistance with a bigger project? My team of SEO professionals is ready to be of service to you. Feel free to consult with our renowned agency's SEO consulting team for the success of your marketing projects. Our team can also brilliantly manage all SEO tasks for your brand.

Why Consider Working with a SEO Professional for Your Business?

Wondering why you should think about investing in SEO and seeking help from a search engine marketing consultant? Below are the main ways how our SEO consulting services can take your business from 0 to a 100:

Increased High Quality Traffic Flow

Working with a great SEO consultant can help your brand get more discovered online via organic search result pages. SEO works to help brands achieve more targeted results with their campaigns. Therefore, the leads you will generate via Search Engine Optimization will be close to your ideal buyer avatar.

Better Credibility in the Market

An SEO consultant or agency can facilitate the credibility building process for your ecommerce company in a streamlined way. SEO enables websites to get to a high search engine authority and build a loyal online community by publishing helpful content, performing speed and mobile optimization, etc.

Round-the-Clock Marketing

Unlike most traditional forms of marketing, SEO does not lose its effect after working hours - it continues 24/7. This means that with SEO, your brand is being promoted all the time. This non-stop digital advertising is an excellent way to leverage the high volume of searches (99,000/second) that take place via Google (source: Oberlo).

Delightful Customer Experience

Providing customers and potential buyers with a stellar brand experience is key to winning at business. SEO increases the satisfaction rate of your website visitors through a variety of factors such as a better loading speed, higher content readability, AI-powered customer support, etc. which is also helpful in decreasing your site's bounce rate.

Powers the Entirety of Your Sales Funnel

SEO is a proven method of efficiently moving your potential buyers through your marketing funnel, from brand awareness all the way down to making a sale. May it be organic SEO or paid SEO (such as running PPC campaigns), search engine optimization consulting can keep your sales funnels fueled at all times.

Consistent Progress Measurement

With a skilled web optimization consultant on your team, you can easily track the progress of your SEO efforts over the course of days, months, and years and take smarter decisions for your business. SEO reporting informs you and your team of what is being done the correct way and where there is still some room for improvement.

My SEO Consulting Services Process


Quick 15-Minute Discovery Call Booking
To get started, please schedule a brief discovery call with me. This is a 15-minute virtual meeting that will grant me an opportunity to get to know your brand and its audience better, in addition to your present SEO needs and future goals.

Generating a Quote & Initiating the Project
Based on the discussion we have in the discovery meeting, I will provide you with a personalized quote and a customized project plan that matches your business demands. Once you approve, my team and I will start working on your SEO project.


Working on Your Project & Completing it
You will be kept informed of your project’s status on a regular basis while we work on your business task. Once completed, we will seek final approval from your side and mark it as complete while fully taking care of your website’s security.


Why Choose My ? Search Engine Optimization Consulting Service

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Pricing Plans


Enhancing Your Company's Brand Image with Personalized Marketing Expertise - Ensuring 100% Team Engagement.

$ 15 / hour
  • Max 10 hours per week
  • 100% involvement of your team with our consultant only.


Ensure smooth execution, freeing your team. Relax as we independently enhance your brand's ranks.

$ TBD (upon a meet)
  • SEO Strategist
  • Keyword Research Analyst
  • Technical SEO Analyst
  • Content SEO Writer


Boost your brand's marketing with our expert SEO consultants - our team is 50% dedicated to enhancing your online presence.

$ 35 / hour
  • Personalized SEO training
  • Learn SEO strategies and techniques
  • Work directly with our SEO team (2 members) as a dedicated resource to work with you.

Take Your Brand Out of the Traditional Box. Enjoy Limitless Growth with SEO Services & Consultancy.

It is time to think out of the box and play big in the digital arena.
I will be the professional mastermind behind it all for your brand. 

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Read Reviews from My Esteemed Clients

Muhammad Waseem MePlanet

Talha and his team are incredible. They have done delivered work on time, with consistency, and dedication. I really admire their professionalism through out the task.

Khadija Usman Entrepreneur

Great team to work with. Have great in depth technical understanding and good work ethics. Would definitely will like to work in future with them.

David Hirschfeld Upwork

Top stuff from talha really saved me. I was in a hurry to get this project done and he delivered with the utmost professionalism and high quality work. Exquisite stuff. Keep up the good work!

Romain Kouider Upwork

Great work done by Talha & his team with my startup. Recommended him as Virtual CTO for Startups.

Muhammad Hamza SEO Consultant

Highly Recommended ! Talha did a great job completing the site with their great skills. He went above and beyond in his customization and made sure that we were fully satisfied with everything.


Yes! I offer SEO consulting sessions as well as general services for the content optimization of websites. The content on your site that can be optimized includes web pages (landing page, about page, service pages, etc.), blog posts, product descriptions, and so on. My team and I are skilled in all aspects of optimizing website content, from keyword research and keyword integration all the way to link building to ensure desired outcomes for your SEO strategy.

There are numerous ways of getting in touch with either me or my team. You can make a direct call to us anytime on the number given on this website or you can write to my team and I through email, this website's contact page, or SMS/WhatsApp. We are also active on social media, so feel free to follow us on all socials to keep yourself updated on the latest information regarding our services and shoot us a message there if you require any sort of support from me or my team.