Business Development Consultant: Roles, Responsibilities, And Process

The business development department is the backbone of the organization and startups. The core responsibility of the business development team is to acquire and retain customers. 

This responsibility demands growth plans and working with cross-functional teams like sales, marketing, and finance. Do you know the business development field growth rate is up 8% from the last 5 years? 

Startups and small businesses need to give importance to their business development teams. If you are concerned about how a business development consultant will support you in your business development process. This article was just written for you.

What Is A Business Development Consultant?

A consultant is a professional specializing in business development. As many startups and organizations hire business development specialists to create strategies for their company’s growth according to market research. 

Furthermore, train the team to implement those strategies. The main motive of the business development consultant in Canada is to expand and grow the business by working with the sales and marketing departments. 

Their aim is to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

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Business Development Consultant's Responsibilities

Now, if you are planning to hire a consultant, let’s know the duties of a business development advisor.
  1. Define the organization’s target customers.
  2. Analyze the competitors and assess the organization’s strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Develop strategies according to the customer journey.
  4. Create the plan. How to interact with buyers at every stage.
  5. Train the employees on how to pitch, sell, and close business deals efficiently.

The Job Description Of Business Development Consultant

Identifying New Business Opportunities

Market trends are continuously changing, and technology is evolving over time. Business opportunities are also emerging. 

The business development analyst identifies those new business opportunities according to product or service. Strategic partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions are also part of the new business opportunities.

Developing Business Strategies

The business development advisor’s job is to come up with strategies that match the goals and objectives of the company. 

But the advisor helps the company reach its long-term goal by using strategies like lead nurturing and getting in touch with customers through networking, referrals, content, and ads.

Conducting Market Research

Market research is one of the best tools for business development. The first step to success is market research. As it gives a complete overview of what the customer needs and what the market demands. 

The consultant helps the organization conduct market research using the proper tools and techniques.

Creating Business Plans

Only 20% is execution, and the other 80% is planning. The business plan includes a complete overview of how to achieve business objectives within the timeframe. 

The advisor creates the business plan, which includes the goals and objectives. Further, the strategies and plans to achieve those goals

Relationship Management

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make is that there is no scope for relationship management in business. The business development specialist helps the organization maintain relationships with partners, customers, and other stakeholders.

Monitoring And Evaluating Performance

The business plan and strategy have A/B testing and different tools and techniques. The consultant monitors the performance to evaluate the efficacy of strategies. 

It helps the organization identify the loopholes in its operations and make recommendations for improvement.

Providing Guidance And Training

Employees are the organization’s most valuable asset. The employees need the training over time. The business development professional provides guidance and advice to employees. 

Further, the consultant helps the team with business development strategies, tactics, and best practices.

Collaborating With Other Departments

The business development department needs to work with the sales and marketing departments. The consultant makes the workflow, so it’s easier for all the departments to have access to information. 

The consultant makes sure that marketing, sales, and business development efforts are aligned with business goals.

The Business Development Consultancy Process

The business development consulting services include several stages.

Initial Discovery Call

In the initial stage, a meeting is held with the consultant. Usually, the meeting is called a free discovery call. The goal of the discovery call is assessment. Conducting interviews with stakeholders and assessing the current business state.

Define Objectives

On the basis of free discovery, call the consultant to define the goals and objectives of the consulting service. The goals and objectives are according to S.M.A.R.T. goals. The goals and objectives of the consultant clearly define the duties and responsibilities.

Planning And Strategy Development

After defining the objectives, the next step is planning and strategy development. The consultant must identify the market opportunities and conduct market research. 

Furthermore, develop the business plan and strategy according to it. However, the strategy leads to achieving the business goals.

Strategy Implementation

Once the strategy is developed, the next step is strategy implementation. The business consultant and analyst coordinate with staff to implement the strategy. It includes staff training and developing new processes.


Evaluation is one of the important aspects of consulting. The consultant prepares a complete report on the effectiveness of the strategy and makes adjustments according to the analysis. 

This step involves collecting data, analyzing performance metrics, and providing regular progress reports to the business owner or management team.

Follow Up

After the consultancy project is complete, the business development professional shares the complete report of the consultancy. Furthermore, it provides post-consultancy support to organizations. However, it includes training, monitoring, and advice.


To rule in the competitive market, your organization should have employees with vast knowledge. The business needs to conduct training for its employees. 

However, one of the main issues that the organization faces is determining which training is best and which training your employees require. 

The best solution is to hire business development consulting services. A business development consultant doesn’t only provide his wisdom and knowledge to the organization. However, they also transfer those qualities to the employer via training and guidance.

If you are unsure whether hiring a consultant is your organization’s best decision or not, the free 15-minute discovery call is enough to answer your question. 

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